King James Version Here is the Holy Bible in html (well sort of). I took the KJV, the WEB, and the ASV bibles and broke them down with some perl scripts that produced index pages and a calendar that can be used to read a chunk a day and read the bible in a year. If you want, I will send you daily email with links to today's bible reading. Just fill out my subscribe/unsubscribe form.
I tried to break the Bible into evenly sized chunks so you read the same amount of Old Testament and the same amount of New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs each day. I also have an index page of the individual books you can browse. Please read this legal notice. There is an off-line version too. Just grab and read nocgi or offline.
Help me watch those jots and tittles
You can search the bibles here as well:

Something new? The system above finishes the New Testament too early for my taste.
I've taken to reading the Bible with a new plan.
This plan , sometimes called the 55 plan, lets you read the New Testament one chapter a day, Monday Through Friday. Since there are 260 chapters in the New Testament it works out perfectly. It is also in pdf format.
If you use the 55 plan for the New Testament you might want the Old Testament in a year plan too. (also in pdf)
I'm also wanting to start using Notes and Outlines written by McGee
Bible Seeker is worth reading.
I might read the New Testament 30 times in five years.
There are 31 chapters in Proverbs so I divided Psalms into 31 chunks so I could read through each book once a month. If you would like to join me just let me know. Or you can read offline.
If you do this you might like the BibleInAYear_no_Psalms_or_Proverbs.pdf
I got this timeline from